Tampa Parents of Twins and Supertwins 

Helpful Links

Articles, & Lecture Handouts on Multiple births, prematurity & Loss by Elizabeth A. Pector, M.D.
Parenting Multiples from About.com
Sibling Rivalry

Nutrition for you, Nutrition for two

Breastfeeding Preemie Twins from LaLeche League

Bebe Bottle Sling  Hands free bottle feeding that attaches to infant carrier.  Also has twin and triplet merchandise.  
Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB)
Center for Study of Multiple Birth
Facts about Genomes & Twins  A St. Petersburg Times article on identical twins 
How To Do Things  HowToDoThings strives to solve people's everyday problems by compiling reliable information from experienced contributors in over 250 categories including pregnancy, birth, parenting and other issues.
La Leche League International  Breastfeeding support group
Marvelous Multiples® multiple birth educational resources
Mothers of Supertwins (MOST) A provider of support, education and research on higher-order multiple births.
Preschool Twins  An online support group for Mothers of pre-school twins
Sidelines support group for women experiencing complicated pregnancies.
Storknet.com Pregnancy online community
Toddler Twins  An online support group for Mothers of toddler twins 
Triplet Connection A network of caring and sharing for triplet families.
Twin Parents An online community and a resource for parents of twins and multiplies
Twinless Twins - Support for twins (all multiple births) who've lost their twin
Twins Law - This law allows the parents of multiple birth children the choice of placing their twins, triplets, and higher order multiples, together or separate in the classroom.
Twins Days Festival largest twins gathering every August
Twinstuff learn more about why it's special to be a twin
TwinsWorld.com Lots of things about and for twins
Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation

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